Monday, 10 December 2012

L'Amicale des Sommeliers du QC - Grad Event

Update - Le Vieux Pin - Equinoxe Syrah 2009

During our graduation event at the Amicale des Sommeliers du QC, Section Outaouais, I had the  pleasure to share with my friends a bottle of Equinoxe Syrah 2009. All members and the leading Chevaliers were absolutely delighted of the tasting. We had the wine in a carafe for a good 90 minutes before tasting.
Reddish tint on the legs when rolling the wine in the glass, smell of berries and wood, taste of dark berries, leather, smooth and very well balance and a lasting taste in mouth. Simply magnificent were the comments from the gallery of experts.

I have to mention that during the evening, we were given a very interesting lecture from the regional rep of Agropur who provided a wide selection of delicate cheese for the evening.
As I am writing these lines this morning, I have just received am email from Le Vieux Pin and the are releasing a new Cab/Syrah "Retouche" naturally I have Jumped on that offer.

Photo taken 4th Dec 2012 during Sommeliers gathering in Gatineau QC

Note: I did not have my camera with me therefore, I can only apologize for the shake and bake of a Cell phone camera 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Equinoxe Syrah 09 - Le Vieux Pin

Last night, we got to enjoy the Equinoxe Syrah 09 - Le Vieux Pin 

First and foremost, I got the Decanter out and transferred the wine and had it sit for a good forty five minutes to one hour before serving. That was recommended by my man 'Kam Kamrani at Le Vieux Pin.
- We found a little (very little) Tingling on the tongue from the get go, I like that refreshment.. ;-)

- Taste of Fruits and wild Berries jumps at you,

- Med Dry, the taste stays in for a good minute,  simply awesome,

- Red light touch of ruby,

- At the second taste  5 minutes later, a delicate smoky taste seems do  develop, I knew that  this  wine was only getting better. (by now, over one hour had past since i cracked the  seal, and this baby was getting better, not loosing its taste but in full evolution).

-Taste and smell of Dark chocolate, and the Berries tastes from earlier and a hint of Leather.

- Long final of light oak/wooden taste.
- Also, I did not feel any sulfites skin reactions as I am intolerant to it. For me that is great news.

Comments: If you think you knew everything about Syrah. Think again. Wait till you taste this B.C. Greatness

Recommendation: If you can get your hands on this great Canadian Wine.. do it.

Final toughs:  The biggest challenge will be to keep another bottle of Equinoxe wine away from the table.

Chris On Mojo Score: 94+

Special thanks: Kam, Janet from  Le Vieux Pin for sorting out the order.

Photos by: C Coulombe  

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wine and Stuff

After following on Tweeter Ronald Georges from Montreal Radio-Canada : I certainly got interested at finding what was the big deal with Shiraz Equinox 2009 from Le Vieux Pin Winery in B-C Canada. GO Check it out  for yourself.
I got online last night and a shipment of the wine is on its way home. That about all I can say about it for  now. I will  taste it  when it arrives in Gatineau . I had the chance to speak with Kam Kamrani  from the winery while on the phone and arranging for the shipment. Really friendly folks, dedicated to their products. He understood my disappointment that they are all out of  750 Ml so I will have to turn myself to the 1/2 bottles. I omitted to ask if it Equinox Shiraz was bottles in Magnum. 

Will post images and comments on the wine soon.

Christian C

Monday, 10 September 2012

Blogging.. a commitment

I have kept this Blog alive for a couple years now so that  the world sees thru my eyes what I've been Shooting, drinking, visiting and Drinking as far as Red wine goes.

Time to update, not that I have been lazy.. but simply been AFK. The Golf season is winding down, and my next week of golfing will have to wait for the end of December at Cozumel G&C. I have to say that with the help of my Coach  Mike Kennedy at Hylands Golf Club in Ottawa, I have been able to  progress  to my old new me. I changed from Taylor Made to  910 D2 Driver  and  910F to replace my 3 wood.  It has a more suitable shaft for me i guess as I noticed  dramatic improvements in control  after  the second round.
The Irons are now: AP1 - 712 Steel Reg shaft. Not having range time with these irons made it a little difficult to get used to during the first round. 

On the Wine scene, I have drank a few new Barolo and  Brunello and  the latest on is  from Frattotria dei Barbi Reserve was simply  great. I have  procured 2 more bottles that are on their way from MontrĂ©al, QC, Canada. I intend to  take notes  for you on the next Blog.

Thanks  for your support,

Chris C

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Back from Whiteface Lake Placid N.Y

Hi folks,
Just returned from Lake Placid this week. As it was my first time on the boards in 4 years i prefered not to get the MOJO kit on the slopes for safety reasons. We soon discovered that the runs were pretty icy and WhiteFace was more like IceFace. One of our fellow skier on the  group got  pretty  banged up and thanks to Whiteface Ski Patrol, she was taken rapidly to  a local clinic.. she is getting better now ;-)
As usual, It started to dump huge quantity of snow on the day of departure.. Whiteface.. I will return..

I was recently interviewed by former CTV MontrĂ©al News reporter and Communication expert,  Joe Singerman. I shared with him  my experience on the MOJO and how I  use it.

Joe is a frequent collaborator of 'Home Technology Montreal' Blog:

Check it  out.

Will get back to you soon with more MOJO stories.

Chris on MOJO