Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Back from Boston

Got back from Boston Sunday evening. The flight from Ottawa/Boston is just under 1 hour and very convenient. During our 24 hours stint in B-Town, i had enough time to  see with m very own eyes the statue of Bobby Orr and also the statue of Paul Revere.. another great man that certainly left his mark in this beautiful town. We walk for a good 5, 6 hours like tourist to see many interesting sites, I had to make a draft stop at Cheers, then up the Avenue at the Mass Governor, I will return for a visit that is for sure. We  took a few rides on the train as well as I  don't recommend the use of  you car  here. Parking is a nightmare so forget about it.
Overall very friendly people and it is great to see a society that take pride in fitness, must be because of the amount of hills that need to be climbed everyday or the  fact that the only  transportation students can afford if their  running shoes.
 The following is a video of the  Boston Bruins Cup  parade shot with a i-Phone using the Vericorder  Video editing App: 


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