Sunday, 28 August 2011

Road trip ahead - Canton-de-L'Est / Eastern Townships

Looks like we are heading to Bromont QC, area next week to visit father in law and zip down south of there to visit a few winneries.
I will likely post a little MOJO after the visits.

Speaking of wine, *Piedmont before Bromont... i'm juss sayin'
I had this bad boy Friday night. It was great, multi level not so fruity with a taste of Vanilla, Dark Chocolate. Ayways, so good that i went back Sunday to get all there was left on the rack, managed to pick up five bottles.
The MonPrà contains: 45% Nebbiolo, 45% Barbera, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon

Red ears, itching eyes Sulfite allergic reaction: 0%
Chris on MOJO Score: 90 / 100 (this includes all the winnos that tasted the wine that evening)

Meal for the evening: 
- Scallops in Jack Daniels and Maple sirup- 
- Chris on MOJO Prime Ribs

Chris on MOJO

Friday, 26 August 2011

Making a Quiz on a DVD!!

Hi folks,
A few months back I needed to create an interactive Quiz that could be inserted on a DVD as a "extra content"
After looking for templates online (the free stuff) I spoke to my 'oll bud Matt Davis, aka: Matt the Wizz
He created a Script and template with DVD Studio Pro. It links all the Quiz answers (right or wrong)  together to make a final count and send the viewer back to the main menu of the DVD/Blue-ray when conpleted. So far so good, I will see if I can post the template somehow for anyone to use on their video project.

Chris on MOJO

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Back from Malartic

Back from Malartic. (My Hometown)

Well I visited my mother in Rouyn-Noranda over the past week-end and had the oportunity to play 2 rounds of golf with her, Aime and Lyne.

On Saturday we left Rouyn-Noranda for Malartic to visit the new open pit Gold mine. In order to get the mine going, Osisko Mine moved over 150 houses and relocated them in a newly build sector of the town. they did in my opinion a very good job. Fact is the residential sector has nerver look better in the 20 odd years that I lived there. I got to video with the MOJO (Mobile Journalism) Hope you will enjoy.

Note to self: Next time  they tell me that  they are fully booked and there is no way to get access, bring  the whole kit anyways: sticks, mic, monopod

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Off to the Gold Rush.. sorta speak

I'm going on the road again. This time  i'm off to my  birthplace : Malartic QC
The town  has  boomed  in the past 4 years, it's totally insane. They discoverred that the there is  a huge  amount of gold to be mined just under the town of 4k peeps. So started to move  houses out of their  spot (Giving a very healthy compensation to the owners) and  since the month of  May they have been  pumping out  gold from this open pit mine.
I hope that i can with my Mobile Journalism gear (MOJO) show you  the mine and what has  happended since i left  some 37 years ago.
More to  follow

Christian C

Sunday, 7 August 2011

QR Codes simplified

First and foremost, i am not endorsing  the software  developer but simply thank  them  for its  easyness of use.

So while traveling i came across a QR Code  in a newspaper and i had to see where i could read what it was  hiding inside ;-)
I first downloaded the QR Scan App from  i-tunes  for free ( as it should be)
once installed, i started the Scan App and pointed  my i-Touch  (or i-Phone)  at the  QR code in the paper and right away it  opened  the Web site with  more information on the  product. Great stuff..

But what about me, how could i use  a QR Code ?? 
Well, I'm getting my Business cards remade with a QR Code in the back so  that  when i distribute my card at a conference  they can  see my  info  web page contact etc  right away. I also got the Idea from my good  friend and new media instructor at DPALC (Guy Paquette) to place my QR Code on my Power Point so that  people can point directly at the screen  to scan the  QR Code and  get redirected to the posted  power point online, therefore no more " you have a memory stick i could borrow.."

I hope this  helps.

Christian Coulombe

Back from Ville de Quebec

Just returned from Quebec City. I used my MOJO (Mobile Journalism) and i-Touch as second camera to do an interview with a 99 years old Nun that tough my mother at the Convent St-Joseph de St-Vallier from 1949 to 1950. I've never seen anyone that age that was Sooo Sharp, she could spot mother  on a group photo taken in  1951.. imagine that.
I'm looking  forward to finish this Documentary/life Biography of my mother. I can't  reveal too much as a portion of the Documentary are secrets to my mother and since  she has a computer,  she can see my blog. I expect o release the Documentary on line and  on DVD for  family only around  October.. for the  first version anyways.