Saturday, 12 April 2014

Let's talk BC wine, La Stella

Fortissimo def. A musical direction meaning “to be performed very loudly"
(The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy)

I received my Fortissimo 2011 release from La Stella yesterday morning. It goes without saying that only eleven bottle would remain unopened by the end of the meal... Boeuf Bourguignon a l'orange. Idea from Jamie Oliver.

Located in Osoyoos, BC, La Stella Winery is on the west side of the river. La Stella wines have become my favorite Canadian Wine.. Very close second: Le Vieux Pin.  Last September we had the pleasure to taste several of their wines. The Domaine and the architecture makes you feel that you are walking into Northern Italy. 
The rows of Merlot were adjacent to the main building and Alex from La Stella, pointed out from the window where the wine that we were tasting came from. I felt the passion there let me tell you. Later on we walked between the rows where at 16:00pm, the warm sun was still hitting the 'Terroir'... Humidity, heat, sun, grapes.. you got yourself a perfect combo.
I may have tasted one or two grapes of Merlot..

Back to Fortissimo, I decanted the wine and had it oxygen itself for a good hour before tasting. La Stella recommend to decant for sediments as the wine is unfiltered. There was a bit of sediments remaining in the bottle, but nothing dramatic.

Christian Coulombe photo
I really like the information provided  by La Stella.
Simple and right to the point,  variety of grapes use to create this wonderful blend, recommendation to decant, total production and alc/vol, 14,2% for the Fortissimo 2011,
Photo: ChrisOnMojo
LaStella cork on Fortissimo. 

The tasting:

Deep red in colour, the legs on the glass are very present. Rolling the glass, i noted the wine follows the glass like a red blanket.

1st nose:  Mineral, Dark Berries, light scent of vanilla, alcool is  very present
2nd nose: Cassis, fruits very present, mineral, spices

Attack: Tanin and acid are present very well balanced, feeling of smoothness, vanilla, lasting 30 sec+
90 minutes later, more vanilla taste and very smooth, acidity had disappeared. This is a fun wine to drink.

Chris on mojo rating: 93+

Photo: ChrisonMojo
La Stella Fortissimo 2011. Note the Star.. La Stella on top of the label. 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Wineries Le Vieux Pin & La Stella, Oliver BC

During the warm month of September, I had the opportunity to join a group of wine enthusiast and head south in British Columbia to visit several wineries of the Okanagan region. Playing golf in the morning and tasting wine in the afternoon was a great way to visit this wonderful region. a discovery for me as I had never travelled south BC before.
We had organized several tours for our Okanagan long week end but i have to admit, Le Vieux Pins and La Stella  wineries made our trip memorable. Mike and Kam at Le Vieux Pin really did a superb job hosting us. Same goes to Alex from  La Stella who welcomed us the day after with open arms and prepared a special event for our group.

During our visit at  Le Vieux Pin, Michael gave me a tour of the estate and I had a chat with him at the end of the tour where he gave me a candid interview on camera. for our next trip  to the Okanagan, I am looking forward to speak to a Severine, winemaker from the Old World and now at Le Vieux Pin.

Coup de Coeur from Le Vieux Pin: Equinoxe Syrah 2010
Coup de Coeur from La Stella: Maestoso Merlot 2011

*Other wine Blogger that I am recommending: 
What Ronald George from Radio-Canada posted about my blog:
Cool vidéo. J'aime "Une vinificatrice de l'Ancien Monde qui travaille dans le Nouveau Monde.

Christian C

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Nothing better then a Wine Webinar from Tinhorn Creek on a Thursday evening

The Webinar was at 20:00 BC local time, making it 22:00 here in Ottawa. As i am working the next day, I will be a dry follower for this one.

Webinar  from Tinhorn Creek with Terry Meyer-Stone and CEO and Winemaker Sandra Oldfield (right)

CEO and Winemaker Sandra Oldfield flanked by Terry Meyer-Stone takes on Social Media this evening to speak to us about the great wines at Tinhorn Creek. Sandra started with their Merlot. Describing how Tinhorn Merlot will be this year and from which lot the grapes are came from. She then followed with the Cabernet Franc. then she presented the 2Bench Red 2010, Bordeaux Blend, we actually tasted that one during our visit 3 weeks ago, it was my absolute fav.  I really enjoyed this session. To me it speaks volume on how they are interested in connecting with wine enthusiast from all over Canada and the world.

Terry Meyer-Stone during our visit last month

A shot from the Tasting Salon at Tinhorn Creek

Monday, 15 July 2013

Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan - They are not forgotten

Monday 15 July, 2013

Hi all,

Welcome back to my Blog. 

MISSION: Close to 900 soldiers from Shilo and Edmonton will participate in the third and final rotation of Operation ATTENTION, the Canadian Contribution Training Mission — Afghanistan (CCTM-A) from June 2013 to March 2014. (Source - DND 2013)

NAME: Ian Tait.. Sgt Ian Tait, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, father and former colleague of *Army News.
A well-spoken soldier from Brandon, Manitoba, Ian recently got posted to CFB Shilo after a two years posting with the Army Public Affairs in Ottawa. I remember that Ian rapidly became a sharp reporter, not surprising with his Army background and field experience, he had 'Street Creds' to back up the video News stories he was involved with.

I contacted Sgt Ian Tait on the day of his departure and he kindly agreed to keep in touch with me, so that I can Blog on the Canadian Mission thru his eyes. I should be getting photos from him, and I will arrange for a Skype interview later during his tour. I indent to post updates on a regular basis.

WHY: I want to make sure that these Canadian soldiers are not forgotten from the public. I recall in the 90' when I served in Bosnia/Croatia as a PA Photographer/Cameraman, the more the mission was continuing, the less interest there was in Canada. So, by the end of the 90' nobody actually gave a crap about our Canadian Soldiers serving overseas on UN Mission.

                                       Sgt Ian Tait - Afghanistan, July 2013



*Army News: Army News had been created by the Former Army Commander Lieutenant-General Michael Jeffery in order to communicate and inform Soldiers and Families on what's going on in the Canadian Army.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Welcome - Cliff Hanger Communication

Hey all,
I would like to personally thanks Karie Dufour and Guy Paquette from Cliff Hanger Communication for having me on board as Imagery expert.

I am looking forward to share with all of you my passion for photography, video news story and documentaries using modern and mass available technologies such as Mobile Journalism (Mojo)

Christian Coulombe

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Golf Cozumel - Benny Campos

Hi all,

Happy New Year and I happy to publish this new story from Cozumel, Mexico. I had the opportunity during my vacation in Cozumel to interview Benny Campos, Cozumel PGA Golf Professional and General manager. Benny gave me a tour of the facility. From the Golf course to the Proshop, this is a Top notch Golf facility. I played the course and it is one that requires course management... fairways are tight and any error and its Jungle time....

Thanks to Benny Campos and his team for this wonderful day at  Cozumel Golf & Country

Christian C

Monday, 10 December 2012

L'Amicale des Sommeliers du QC - Grad Event

Update - Le Vieux Pin - Equinoxe Syrah 2009

During our graduation event at the Amicale des Sommeliers du QC, Section Outaouais, I had the  pleasure to share with my friends a bottle of Equinoxe Syrah 2009. All members and the leading Chevaliers were absolutely delighted of the tasting. We had the wine in a carafe for a good 90 minutes before tasting.
Reddish tint on the legs when rolling the wine in the glass, smell of berries and wood, taste of dark berries, leather, smooth and very well balance and a lasting taste in mouth. Simply magnificent were the comments from the gallery of experts.

I have to mention that during the evening, we were given a very interesting lecture from the regional rep of Agropur who provided a wide selection of delicate cheese for the evening.
As I am writing these lines this morning, I have just received am email from Le Vieux Pin and the are releasing a new Cab/Syrah "Retouche" naturally I have Jumped on that offer.

Photo taken 4th Dec 2012 during Sommeliers gathering in Gatineau QC

Note: I did not have my camera with me therefore, I can only apologize for the shake and bake of a Cell phone camera