Thursday, 15 September 2016

Part II

The rest is history Part II..

It has been nearly 30 days since my first visit to the Former NDMC (National Defence Med Centre).

looking back at the 2 Sept 2016, crossing the door was kinna haunting as memories of these walls we playing back like an old repurpose 70' movies from NetFlix.
I sat and waited in a not so inviting lounge where time had stop, the clock on the wall likely broke at 5 PM ten years ago and was never repaired, the TV power cable was laying on the side.. Cable not included. No luxury here. 
A clerk sitting behind her PC, obviously busy.. before making eyes contact asked me to spell my first name.. C H R I S
Note to self: "Next time that I serve a customer, I'll get up my 'derriere' and greet them with respect instead of making them feel they are disturbing me".

15 minutes later, Nathalie open the secured area and actually welcomes me into the Support to Veteran Centre. We sat, offered me coffee, didn't take all to long to get to the point, a good listener she recommended to me to continue the road to recovery. She sets up meeting with the OSI (Occupation Stress Injury). The conversation lasted nearly 2-3 hours i forget what time I came in.  
Since that day, I have received one call acknowledging my condition and promised support and evaluation by medical staff after being told that clearly i should have gotten real help in 1992.. and was provided with phone numbers in case of anything. I'll be looking forward to a second encounter.

The clock at the former NDMC, stopped at 4:55 PM.. times of past
*Track back to the clinic, on my way out I saw a poster from Guitars for Vets (G4Vs). I have made a contact with the group, i should be getting some vibes from them soon. Since I have started playing a little Bass Guitar last March, i can actually see my stress diminish.

Guitars for Vets


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