Sunday, 7 August 2011

QR Codes simplified

First and foremost, i am not endorsing  the software  developer but simply thank  them  for its  easyness of use.

So while traveling i came across a QR Code  in a newspaper and i had to see where i could read what it was  hiding inside ;-)
I first downloaded the QR Scan App from  i-tunes  for free ( as it should be)
once installed, i started the Scan App and pointed  my i-Touch  (or i-Phone)  at the  QR code in the paper and right away it  opened  the Web site with  more information on the  product. Great stuff..

But what about me, how could i use  a QR Code ?? 
Well, I'm getting my Business cards remade with a QR Code in the back so  that  when i distribute my card at a conference  they can  see my  info  web page contact etc  right away. I also got the Idea from my good  friend and new media instructor at DPALC (Guy Paquette) to place my QR Code on my Power Point so that  people can point directly at the screen  to scan the  QR Code and  get redirected to the posted  power point online, therefore no more " you have a memory stick i could borrow.."

I hope this  helps.

Christian Coulombe

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