Monday, 15 July 2013

Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan - They are not forgotten

Monday 15 July, 2013

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MISSION: Close to 900 soldiers from Shilo and Edmonton will participate in the third and final rotation of Operation ATTENTION, the Canadian Contribution Training Mission — Afghanistan (CCTM-A) from June 2013 to March 2014. (Source - DND 2013)

NAME: Ian Tait.. Sgt Ian Tait, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, father and former colleague of *Army News.
A well-spoken soldier from Brandon, Manitoba, Ian recently got posted to CFB Shilo after a two years posting with the Army Public Affairs in Ottawa. I remember that Ian rapidly became a sharp reporter, not surprising with his Army background and field experience, he had 'Street Creds' to back up the video News stories he was involved with.

I contacted Sgt Ian Tait on the day of his departure and he kindly agreed to keep in touch with me, so that I can Blog on the Canadian Mission thru his eyes. I should be getting photos from him, and I will arrange for a Skype interview later during his tour. I indent to post updates on a regular basis.

WHY: I want to make sure that these Canadian soldiers are not forgotten from the public. I recall in the 90' when I served in Bosnia/Croatia as a PA Photographer/Cameraman, the more the mission was continuing, the less interest there was in Canada. So, by the end of the 90' nobody actually gave a crap about our Canadian Soldiers serving overseas on UN Mission.

                                       Sgt Ian Tait - Afghanistan, July 2013



*Army News: Army News had been created by the Former Army Commander Lieutenant-General Michael Jeffery in order to communicate and inform Soldiers and Families on what's going on in the Canadian Army.

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