Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Back from Whiteface Lake Placid N.Y

Hi folks,
Just returned from Lake Placid this week. As it was my first time on the boards in 4 years i prefered not to get the MOJO kit on the slopes for safety reasons. We soon discovered that the runs were pretty icy and WhiteFace was more like IceFace. One of our fellow skier on the  group got  pretty  banged up and thanks to Whiteface Ski Patrol, she was taken rapidly to  a local clinic.. she is getting better now ;-)
As usual, It started to dump huge quantity of snow on the day of departure.. Whiteface.. I will return..

I was recently interviewed by former CTV MontrĂ©al News reporter and Communication expert,  Joe Singerman. I shared with him  my experience on the MOJO and how I  use it.

Joe is a frequent collaborator of 'Home Technology Montreal' Blog:

Check it  out.


Will get back to you soon with more MOJO stories.

Chris on MOJO

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