Monday, 10 September 2012

Blogging.. a commitment

I have kept this Blog alive for a couple years now so that  the world sees thru my eyes what I've been Shooting, drinking, visiting and Drinking as far as Red wine goes.

Time to update, not that I have been lazy.. but simply been AFK. The Golf season is winding down, and my next week of golfing will have to wait for the end of December at Cozumel G&C. I have to say that with the help of my Coach  Mike Kennedy at Hylands Golf Club in Ottawa, I have been able to  progress  to my old new me. I changed from Taylor Made to  910 D2 Driver  and  910F to replace my 3 wood.  It has a more suitable shaft for me i guess as I noticed  dramatic improvements in control  after  the second round.
The Irons are now: AP1 - 712 Steel Reg shaft. Not having range time with these irons made it a little difficult to get used to during the first round. 

On the Wine scene, I have drank a few new Barolo and  Brunello and  the latest on is  from Frattotria dei Barbi Reserve was simply  great. I have  procured 2 more bottles that are on their way from MontrĂ©al, QC, Canada. I intend to  take notes  for you on the next Blog.

Thanks  for your support,

Chris C

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