Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wine and Stuff

After following on Tweeter Ronald Georges from Montreal Radio-Canada : I certainly got interested at finding what was the big deal with Shiraz Equinox 2009 from Le Vieux Pin Winery in B-C Canada. GO Check it out  for yourself.
I got online last night and a shipment of the wine is on its way home. That about all I can say about it for  now. I will  taste it  when it arrives in Gatineau . I had the chance to speak with Kam Kamrani  from the winery while on the phone and arranging for the shipment. Really friendly folks, dedicated to their products. He understood my disappointment that they are all out of  750 Ml so I will have to turn myself to the 1/2 bottles. I omitted to ask if it Equinox Shiraz was bottles in Magnum. 

Will post images and comments on the wine soon.

Christian C


  1. I want to taste that wine and I'm so excited on it. Hope I can soon.

    1. Thanks for checking/visiting my Blog. I don't get huge traffic and all reply are always welcome. I will post Pics and comments from my wine group when we try it out.