Sunday, 18 November 2012

Equinoxe Syrah 09 - Le Vieux Pin

Last night, we got to enjoy the Equinoxe Syrah 09 - Le Vieux Pin 

First and foremost, I got the Decanter out and transferred the wine and had it sit for a good forty five minutes to one hour before serving. That was recommended by my man 'Kam Kamrani at Le Vieux Pin.
- We found a little (very little) Tingling on the tongue from the get go, I like that refreshment.. ;-)

- Taste of Fruits and wild Berries jumps at you,

- Med Dry, the taste stays in for a good minute,  simply awesome,

- Red light touch of ruby,

- At the second taste  5 minutes later, a delicate smoky taste seems do  develop, I knew that  this  wine was only getting better. (by now, over one hour had past since i cracked the  seal, and this baby was getting better, not loosing its taste but in full evolution).

-Taste and smell of Dark chocolate, and the Berries tastes from earlier and a hint of Leather.

- Long final of light oak/wooden taste.
- Also, I did not feel any sulfites skin reactions as I am intolerant to it. For me that is great news.

Comments: If you think you knew everything about Syrah. Think again. Wait till you taste this B.C. Greatness

Recommendation: If you can get your hands on this great Canadian Wine.. do it.

Final toughs:  The biggest challenge will be to keep another bottle of Equinoxe wine away from the table.

Chris On Mojo Score: 94+

Special thanks: Kam, Janet from  Le Vieux Pin for sorting out the order.

Photos by: C Coulombe  

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