Sunday, 2 October 2011

Cork vs Twistcap showdown.. The results

Well it wasn't an easy one.. sort of speak. Well all got pretty Corked.. Juss Sayin'

The results: Remember it was about Cork vs Twist-cap:  We have a tie
- Both Cork and twist-cap did what they were supposed to do and did not damage, alter, change in any way the taste, quality of both wine tasted.

All six participent all agreed that the cork was harder to remove from the bottle then the Twist-cap but had preserved the wine  magnificently.
The twist-cap was a no brainer to open.
Once opened both wine were served from a Decanter that  had gone  thru the *Venturi wine aerator.

The taste test:
-The Dead Arm 2007 Wine had more structure with a heavier taste at first, dried and locked its flavor in mouth for a good 20 seconds +. Not  too acid (noted by taster #2) after 20 minutes of Oxidation in the  decanter the Dead Arm, evolved to a new level and became much smother to drink, with hints of dark chocolate and licorice. This bad boy could use 5 years in cellar. Chris on MOJO Score: 93/100

- The St-Henri 2006, is well balance and did not evolved or change taste  during the testing. Slightly lighter to drink at the beginning compare to the other wine tasted, the St-Henri is a more delicate wine smoother, with short time on mouth.Did not evolved and stay very stable while it lasted. Chris on MOJO Score: 90/100

The winner: all 6 agreed that the Dead arm was a hell of a wine. If you are wondering why its called *Dead Arm, check on Wikipedia.


  1. The Dead Arm is a wonderful wine. You've just reminded me that I need to pick some up real soon!

  2. Clearly one of my Favs. Last week it was $10.00 less at SAQ compare to LCBO. Juss Sayin'