Saturday, 1 October 2011

Cork vs Twistcap showdown

Another wine Blog but this one has a twist.. Juss Sayin'

The myth, the Players:
- Corks are better for wine bottle then Twistcap.. well 400 years ago they didn't have any Twist-cap and cork was widely available in Europe so they have the field advantage.

-Twist-Cap make a perfect seal on the bottle content but have a bad rep with High Society circles, F-1 Jet setters etc etc.. also, Leonardo DaVinci probably had a Patent on a Twist-cap.

The Test:
A team of four wine Aficionado will blindly taste the 2 wines of equal values from the same country and made from the same type of Grapes to determine: Cork or Twist-Cap?

The Pretenders:
Two Australian Wine. Both are rated pretty equally by WS and other well known wine references. *90+

1. Twist-Cap, Penfolds, St-Henri 2006
2. Cork, D'Arenberg, Dead Arm 2007

We will report the findings in the next 48 hours.

Chris on MOJO 
                                                                                                     Photo by: Chris on MOJO


  1. Great topic to test/debate. Next, Saran Wrap vs Alcan tinfoil to wrap leftovers.

  2. Ustream this event live. Call it "Four blinded guys get twisted, corked."