Friday, 7 October 2011

RØDE On-Cam Stereo Microphone issues

Hey MOJO gang,

We just got our new Rode X/Y On Camera Mics and the Hot-shoe has a problem where we'll need to take a file to it in order to make it fit on the Owle Photo:*a. I have tried unsuccessfully to fit the Mic on my own Canon 5D MkII and as well on a Nikon D-7000. It has to do with the way the Hot-shoe was made on the Microphone Photo: *b

Please don't take me wrong, I have use the RØDE in the past and i am very satisfied with the results (audio wise) the fitting on the camera/device is where the problem is. Photo: *b
I have shot a few pics to show the problem area of the mount. in photo a) &  c) , the Mic barely fits in as its catching and blocking the entry.

a)                                                                                                     b)



 I will post solution as soon as our team of dedicated Geeks figures this on out.

Chris on MOJO

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