Monday, 3 October 2011

Wine Contains Sulfites.. They probably all do!

I've been reading warning' on wine  label recently. And  i am wondering if the Sulfite has contributed to the  itching nose,  hot ear and  scratchy eyes  that I get when i Drink wine with too much Sulfite in it. This is what I found when researching about it:


Sulfites occur naturally in all winesto some extent. Sulfites are commonly introduced to arrest fermentation at a desired time, and may also be added to wine as preservatives to prevent spoilage and oxidation at several stages of the winemaking. Sulfur dioxide (SO2, sulfur with two atoms of oxygen) protects wine from not only oxidation, but also bacteria. Without sulfur, grape juice would turn to vinegar.
Organic wines are not necessarily sulfite-free. In general, sweet (dessert) wines contain more sulfites than dry wines, and white wines contain more sulfites than red wines.
In the United States, wines bottled after mid-1987 must have a label stating that they contain sulfites if they contain more than 10 parts per million In the European Union an Equivalent reg came into effect in 2005.
Maybe I'm simply allergic to Sulfites found in wine, if its the case, I'll take my chances and keep drinking red wine

Photo by: Chris C.

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