Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Soo how much is your Local Wine? hey?

 I was  searching for a Dead Arm last week for  last week end Cork Twist-cap challenge (or just another good reason to  drink  wine!)  and I was actually surprise to see the price differences between Canadian  provinces. Some provincial liquor Board are also just too hard to find online. Once in a while I'll post  some interesting findings as far as Wine prices. You'll say "well, I never spend more then 12.00 on a bottle of  wine" fine by me mate, I'd like to pay $12 for a Calon-Segur or a COS, but this will never happened.


Found at SAQ in Quebec, Canada:

-Shiraz d'Arenberg The Dead Arm McLaren Vale 2007 : 51,50 $


Found at LCBO Ontario, Canada

Shiraz d'Arenberg The Dead Arm McLaren Vale 2007 : $54.95


Found at BC Liquor Board, BC Canada:

Shiraz d'Arenberg The Dead Arm McLaren Vale 2007: $69.99 

 The moral of this story, If you live in Ottawa,  cross the Bridge and get it in QC.
* I did not find the Dead Arm in Alberta, I remember visiting a awesome  wine Boutique at Calgary Airport a few years back.

** all prices are in Canadian Dollar



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